Ample Lash Essence Growth Serum 5ml

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Ample Lash Essence Growth Serum 5ml

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Lash & brow strengthening energizer.

This is a specially formulated Lash Essence which accelerates the growth and strength of your natural lashes/eyebrows.

Thicker and longer lashes after 7-10 days of application!

Provides ample nutrition for damaged lashes due to mascara and curler use.



This excellent lash growth serum can be used with or without lash extensions

It is packed with ingredients that will replenish, restore, rejuvenate, revive and return your natural lashes to their original condition.

The product works by stimulating blood circulation at the root of the lash. The various ingredients have been proven to nourish the lashes thus maintaing great condition which will considerably lengthen the natural lash cycle.

How to use: Shake well before use. Apply in the morning and evening, to the root of the lashes or brows in a similar manner to liquid eyeliner. If preferred, comb to the tip of the lash for maximum results. Apply twice a day.This is imperative to use this product twice a day for 2 weeks in order to see result.