Blink Ultra Plus Glue 10ml

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Blink Ultra Plus Glue 10ml

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Tha most popular eyelash extension glue in Blink range. This eyelash extension adhesive is for advanced eyelash technicians only as it is one of the fastest and strongest bonding eyelash adhesives on  the market

Recommended for advanced technicians who has mastered their skills and needs an effective and efficient glue to cuts down on application time.  

Colour: Black

Contents: 10ml





Features: Black, high gloss, extremely durable, powerful bonding, non-clumping watery consistency. Strong fumes. Bonding time- 5-6 weeks. Drying time – 2sec. Shelf life – 1 year (use within 3 months of opening) Shake vigorously and squeeze out the first drop to clear the nozzle.  


Note: For use by certified semi-permanent eyelash extension technicians only.

This glue is only suitable for semi-permanent individual eyelash extension application only (i.e. treatment involving the separation and isolation of eyelashes). 

This glue is NOT suitable for self-application or use with cluster/flare eyelashes.

This glue is suitable for closed eye eyelash extension treatments only.